Vitality Knight: The beginning thousand blood, version hidden eggs, new hero “time management master” online

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Everybody is good!I am the old Knight of Vitality.Time flies, the Spring Festival holiday has passed half of the blink of an eye, I do not know whether the “Vitality Knight” players have a deeper understanding of the new version of the game content?If a version of a game takes longer than a month to release, as usual, its popularity will inevitably decline.The reason for this, of course, is not that the content isn’t good enough, but that the player has gone from curious to apathetic.After all, no matter how much Yuanqi Knight is classified as an “online game”, it is still unable to get rid of the “standalone” rule in its essence.But just as the old house thinks that “Vitality Knight” “the 5th anniversary Of the Spring Festival celebration version” content, but so, in the circle of vitality has spread a different voice, that is, the version of hidden eggs, the new hero “time management master” online.When he first heard this, he didn’t believe it, because over the years he had heard so many rumors about “hidden classes, characters, heroes” — summoners, demons…They all have eyes and noses, but they all turn out to be IQ tests.So if someone tells him that in the “Ancient World Artifact mode” and “Endless Tower Defense mode” The Chitsuichi grandmother is a “hidden character,” the old house will definitely say “Bullshit!”But the problem is that this is not a rumor, but a real hidden class, because you can control the “Millennium grandma” to challenge the difficult “ancient world artifact mode”.And from the indicators and values, this is not like a BUG under the product, but more like an official hidden very deep “egg”.Is this “millennium grandma” online, and a few days ago in the official announcement of “Yuanqi Knight”, programmers said that “the BUG is not out of the test, just to let everyone cool” the idea happened to coincide?If look with individual idea, old curtilage is more inclined to be at the latter, because attribute, skill, play way is ready for everybody, it is not obvious waiting for player to experience.In addition, who first discovered the “millennium grandma”?So far, there is no consensus on the answer, so Lao Zhai believes that it is highly likely that the official spread through the civil way.With so many questions about the origins of the millennium Granny, it’s time to move on to the “hidden hero” tutorial, which naturally includes her unlock, how to play, and some of the current myths.Many players currently know that activating the hidden hero requires unlocking “stuck Walls” in the first room of Artifact mode with the ranger 1 skill.First of all, this is fine, but adaptation is not limited to ranger classes, but to all classes.As long as the player uses any occupation against the wall position to move, it can automatically change into a “millennium grandmother”, very convenient and fast.Remember that there is more than one form of a player, even in the form of a Chitose grandmother.If you play DZT, you will have 1025 HP on base, or 257 HP on normal.The difficulty of the game is completely different, but the similarity is that no matter how high the health is, 1 point per second cannot be stopped.It is precisely because of this particularity that Lao Zhai calls him a “master of time management”, because if the time control is not accurate enough, then it is doomed to fail to beat the level.If at this time you are also for this “continuous bleeding” of the status quo and distress, then the old house advised you don’t have to, because about the gameplay, the old house has the most suitable for her control.Like all of her peers in Vitality Knight, She has both passive and active skills.Its passive skill reduces health over time, and its active skill replenishes the current health bar when the maximum health limit is halved.In order to master the time management master in the dungeon, the use of his skills must follow strict rules.First of all, 1025 health can stick to the second level according to the normal play. When the health is not enough, don’t use skills to resurrect directly, and its health instantly returns to 1025.If you still run out of health when fighting a BOSS, your ability will instantly become 513, and with a bonus of 2563 health, even a novice can beat the level (not yet, repeat the process).Well, that’s it for this issue: Vitality Knight opens with a thousand blood, version hidden Easter eggs, new hero “Time Management Master” launched.If you like, also please don’t hesitate to give the old house a praise (long click on the praise can be one key three even), if there is anything wrong with the article, please leave a message to inform, after all, listen to the advice of friends is also the source of old house creation.So that’s it for this issue, and I’ll see you guys next time.