Yanfeng District: Epidemic prevention and control, guarding the “South Gate” of Yancheng

2022-05-08 0 By

The Spring Festival travel rush has begun, and with the Spring Festival approaching, the traffic flow at highways has surged.According to the forecast by the Ministry of Transport, 1.18 billion trips are expected to be made nationwide during the Spring Festival Travel rush in 2022, with 29.5 million trips per day, up 35.6% from 2021 and down 20.3% from 2020.Under such circumstances, how to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, so that the people enjoy a peaceful Spring Festival has become the “key word” of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush.Expressway is the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and an important entry point for epidemic prevention and control.Late January 24, the reporter sees in the wild goose peak of hunan export, by the public security traffic police, health and epidemic prevention and authority unit consisting of more than 10 defense team from spreading, is according to every car, will check and will check the principle of people, to each car, everyone the strict testing report, ensure no leakage a car, not one person, to keep a good mark.In the evening, some members of the epidemic prevention and control leading group of yanfeng District Expressway Spring Festival Travel service station were visiting the front-line personnel on duty for epidemic prevention and control, sending them eight treasures congee, instant noodles and other supplies.”In accordance with the relevant spirit of the Meeting on Spring Festival travel and epidemic prevention and control of the CPC Municipal Committee and district Committee, we have done a solid job in epidemic prevention and control of the service stations at expressways during the Spring Festival travel rush.”Luo Fei, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Yanfeng District, told reporters that the district has set up a special class for epidemic prevention and control, with four working groups including comprehensive coordination group, epidemic prevention and control group, logistics support group and security group. Spring Festival transport service stations have been set up at highway intersections.Registration points for epidemic prevention and control workers, stations for nucleic acid testing and sampling, and temporary isolation points have been set up to strictly check entry.In order to ensure the smooth of the high-speed intersection, the Spring Festival transport service station on duty personnel will move the pass forward, in the vehicle has not entered the station to set up health code, itinerary code, vehicle diversion signs, remind the balance of personnel to do the inspection work in advance, and arrange the duty personnel for drivers and passengers to comply with the order inside and outside the station, travel safety information services.As a “Hengyang people” volunteers, long from The town of Yueping, 4 p.m., he replaced another volunteer on duty yanfeng export service station, until 12 o ‘clock in the evening to rest.”However, the service site has a rest room so you don’t have to rush home to sleep in the rest room when you’re late.”As a volunteer, Longwei’s main task is to remind drivers and passengers to show their health codes, travel cards, nucleic acid test reports, take their temperatures and wear masks.He told reporters that during the Spring Festival, he will and other “Hengyang masses” volunteers together stick to the intersection of the highway, keep good Wild city “south gate.”It is reported that from January 15 to 24, yanfeng export Spring Festival transport service station a total of 36289 vehicles inspection, including 431 buses, inspectors 85033 people, including yellow code 3 people, red code 0 people, nucleic acid testing 2503 people.