Original god: eight heavy god son of “mei curtilage index” just which to which?Xinhai is “NO.1”!

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Hi everyone, I am the helpless and miserable author who has to open the fan list and worship three times every day “OV Small wind blowing”.From the official announcement of the original god yaezhong God son online after the news, on the role of planning more and more “mei 宅” on the argument.I don’t really think yaejo is a nerdy character, although I do think there is a trend in planning.I made 157 shots today, and I lost my safety.Feels like the last few versions of the card pool are a little bit against me?Does the role of the original god in the end have “mei Zhai”?What is “mei zhai”?Here I have not much explanation, direct interception of a standard answer baidu encyclopedia, please see below: if put mei curtilage the standard in the game, I think mainly depends on two factors: one is that the role itself of painting have the meaning of “court” players, such as “meat”, this game is very common in secondary yuan;The second is whether the characters and related plots do “pull the crotch”.For example, people can not set up, the plot makes people look very out of play;Generally speaking, the role that satisfies the above two points at the same time can be identified as “mei Zhai role”.At this time we are, in turn, have a look at the original of many characters will find god, only a handful of the role of a little mei curtilage suspected “: rain, set painting aspects must be suspected” standard “enough, a person has a little didn’t stand up, she related plot more is not good, barely a” fairly “level;Night palace, li drawing aspect is certainly enough standard, people set a little stronger than the rain, but the plot more pull, but for the plot of the last “see fireworks scene” to her added points, in fact, her story level is even worse than the rain;Coral palace heart sea, she is the “real meizhai role”.Not to mention the art, the design and the story are just refreshing the bottom line of the 5-star character.The rest of the characters are actually “selling meat” at best when it comes to artwork, but the characters and related stories are good.This kind of role can only be said to be “planning to grasp the market demand”, and the two-dimensional game, especially the original god this kind of “3D modeling, can watch the role 720 degrees” of the game, the female role does not sell meat, seems to be sorry for the efforts of the R&D team ah!Is yaejo a “mei Taku character”?After reading the above content, Yaejo God son situation is clear, she is at most a little suspect in the aspect of painting, but now version 2.5 has been updated, we played god son after the story, the level of her design and story content should not doubt it?So “Yaejo is certainly not a Meyake character”!And to be honest, even when it comes to “selling meat”, among the many female characters of the original god, yaejo god can be ranked in the top five.In particular, the original god’s art obviously integrates many factors such as “foxy, jumping, lovely and elegant” into the design of the image of Yaejo. Therefore, in general, she should be a “very charming” role.If who still feels unconvinced, troublesome everybody sees below this picture, who return to say she is beautiful cursive?Why all say rice wife is “mei zhai concentration camp”?It’s not new, it’s been around since the rice wives and girls started playing.Although I have always said that the only one who really meets the role standard of Mei Yake is Coral Palace Heart Sea, I also do not deny that “Rice wife is mei Yake concentration camp” this kind of statement.First, the rice wife map is really too “Yin sheng Yang decline”.Although there are more female characters than male characters, it is not a big deal, but compared to the level of Riyue and Mond, but rice wife here is really a bit exaggerated, especially the role of 5 stars, a total of 7 female characters account for 5, obviously a little use of female characters to sell money;Second, the female role of Rice Wife in “selling meat” is indeed far more than that of Mund and Borizue, even if the design and plot of most of the roles are qualified, but the “overall tone” shows a “mei house” trend can not be denied.But come back, two yuan game is not necessarily a bad house, basically have to see their manufacturers can grasp this degree.Especially if the original god is a global version of the game, and a character is designed not only to conquer Chinese players (and that’s not necessarily the most important market for the original God anymore), foreigners are much lower down in this area than we are.I hope miha will not play off the line, at least not to the extent of “national clothing alone plus clothes” every once in a while!Finally kneel beg everybody big guy “long press point praise, one key three even”, also can click “author’s head picture” add a concern.I am OV small wind blowing, thank you for watching.For more exciting content, come to the OV small wind blowing