Several read | saic chase pickup sells more than 6000 units in January, 2022, is to choose the radical or conservative?

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On February 5th, SAIC Chase officially announced its sales report for January.Not surprisingly, SAIC Chase has made a good start to the New Year, selling 18,037 vehicles in January, up nearly 45% from a year earlier.From the sales situation of specific market segments, the sales volume of SAIC Datong Wide-body Light passenger family in January reached 5,273 units, up 13% year-on-year.Saic Datong MPV family has sold more than 4,000 units, and MIFA 9, a full-size luxury intelligent pure electric MPV, will start delivery in May this year.It is worth noting that SAIC Chase pickup trucks had a strong market performance in January, selling 6,595 units, up 121% year on year.In the rv camp, THE city of SAIC Chase has reached 12%.Saic Chase pickup truck in January market performance is strong, sold 6595 vehicles in the overseas market, SAIC Chase new energy wide-body light passenger EV90, EV30, EV80 and other products have boarded the market segment in Sweden, Denmark, the market share of the top;The wholesale sales volume of SAIC Datong pickup truck family in overseas markets has exceeded 60,000 vehicles, and entered the North American market at the end of last year;Saic Chase D60 models also continue to be Qatar and other Middle East market affirmation.The MIFA 9 will begin delivery in May this year. In 2021, SAIC Chase set an annual sales target of 250,000 units at the beginning of the year, and ended the year with sales of more than 180,000 units, a 30% year-on-year increase, which saic also defined as the “chase speed”.And in 2022, after the replacement of senior management of SAIC Chase has not given a clear sales task.This can not help but lead to industry speculation: will SAIC Chase in this year will set the same aggressive sales task as last year, or will make progress while maintaining stability choose conservative?