For the first time, the elderly have been included in the key group in shaanxi Province’s National Scientific Literacy Action Plan

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Shaanxi net news (reporter Si-min wang Jin Jiayu) on March 25, 10, in shaanxi province people’s government information office held a press conference, shaanxi science and technology association executive vice President Li Zhaoe, provincial association for science and technology vice-president jian-jun to attend, introduction of shaanxi civic scientific literacy action plan for the first time that the elderly into scientific literacy action key crowd.The seventh national census shows that the population aged 65 and above in Shaanxi is 5.266,600, accounting for 13.32 percent, 6.32 percentage points higher than the 7 percent identified as an aging society.On the one hand, the scientific quality of the elderly may decline with age;On the other hand, part of the elderly’s scientific quality is not high enough.In real life, many elderly people face problems such as not being able to recognize simple deception and not being able to use new technology and equipment to create digital divide.With the deepening of aging and the acceleration of information-based transformation, the shortage of scientific quality of the elderly has become increasingly prominent.In order to help the “silver generation” bridge the “digital divide”, The State Council’s “Outline of Scientific Literacy” and Shaanxi Province’s “Implementation Plan” for the first time include the elderly in the focus group of scientific literacy action, so that the elderly can “not lag behind, make achievements” and live a quality happy life in their later years.First, we will carry out national education on population aging, encourage the elderly to actively face their old age life and actively integrate into the development of modern society.Actively building an age-friendly society.Second, relying on universities for the aged, universities of Science and Technology for the aged, community popular science universities, service institutions for the aged and various media, the popularization of intelligent technology knowledge, improve the elderly’s ability to obtain, identify and use information, improve the elderly’s ability to live in an information society, and prevent and deal with online rumors and telecom fraud.The third is to strengthen health popularization services for the elderly, providing health popularization services for the elderly through activities such as health lecture halls, health promotion week for the elderly, day care centers for the elderly in communities, nursing homes and other positions.Fourth, we will actively develop social organizations such as associations for the elderly and associations for the elderly, promote the building of a team of elderly volunteers, and encourage and support the elderly to actively participate in social governance.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: