Indian media revealed that India’s military has overtaken Japan to rank fourth in the world, while Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Turkey are not in the top five

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The world today is still the law of the jungle, and the US still likes to speak with its strength.In the Concept of the United States, the caliber of the cannon is justice, and there are no corresponding rules and principles.This means that in today’s world where the U.S. is leading the rules, a sword is a must in order to protect one’s wealth.Only the sword in hand has the corresponding deterrent force, can make the strong enemy dare not easily offend.In other words, despite the world’s efforts to promote peaceful coexistence, it is necessary to have a strong military.On February 4, The Indian Express published the latest global military power rankings published by Global Firepower and highlighted The status of India’s military power.According to Indian media leaks, global Firepower’s ranking of global military power is somewhat normal and somewhat surprising.According to the rankings published by The Indian media, there is no surprise that the United States is no. 1.The US military ranks first in the world in terms of military spending, aircraft carriers, bombers, nuclear weapons and military research and development capabilities, so it is natural that the US military ranks first.Admittedly, the MILITARY might of the United States has declined in recent years, but a camel is bigger than a horse, and it is hard for any country to surpass the United States in military power any time soon.Second on the list is Russia, mainly because of its large nuclear Arsenal and killer weapons such as strategic nuclear submarines.Of course, Russia’s conventional military force is already a bit of a struggle to rank second, Russia ranked second mainly by the assassin’s mace.One of the more surprising things about India’s figures is that the traditional European military powers, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Turkey, are outside the top five.France ranked seventh, the UK eighth, Italy 13th, Turkey 14th and Germany only 16th.Europe is a traditional military power, but there is no country in the top 5, which shows that Europe is over-dependent on NATO in military strength and has been trapped by the US for a long time.Europe has long wanted to break away from America’s military stranglehold, but it has not made much progress.It can be said that the United States has never been willing to loosen its military control over European countries, although France has always sought European military autonomy.According to the disclosure of Indian media, the most unexpected is India’s military power ranking.India has overtaken Japan to rank fourth in the world.India has been a major global arms buyer in recent years, consistently ranking among the world’s top 10 arms buyers.India has also made great efforts to achieve military independence, spending a lot of money on research and development of domestic equipment, and has become one of the fastest growing military countries in the world.India’s military leapfrogging of Japan is somewhat surprising given that the stability of Indian equipment has been questioned.It is also surprising that Britain and France, which also have nuclear weapons, were ranked outside the top five.It is also surprising that France has aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons and advanced fighters and has sold Rafale fighter jets to India but ranks behind India in military power.Indian media pointed out that India’s military rank ranks fourth in the world, which is the result of the rapid development of India’s military strength in recent years and the return of India’s strong investment.Indian media claimed that India’s military ranks fourth in the world, which is an important symbol of India’s realization of its status as a major power.India is clearly satisfied with its military rank.