Xiong Haibo visited the auxiliary police on duty on New Year’s Eve

2022-05-11 0 By

On January 31, the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Xiong Haibo, deputy head of the county government, secretary of the Party Committee of the county Public Security Bureau and director of the county public Security Bureau, went to the grassroots to visit the civilian auxiliary police on duty during the festival, and sent them gifts of sympathy and festive greetings.County public Security Bureau command center, police security room responsible for comrade to attend the condolence activities.Comrade Xiong Haibo successively came to the 110 command center alarm reception, city traffic brigade squadron, tuen police patrol special police nuwa square, with a line of duty on duty police shook hands to talk, the scene to listen to the security during the holiday work report stability to the auxiliary police during the Spring Festival people stick to post to work, have the courage to bear, and selfless dedication spirit gave high praise,I thanked you for your hard work and extended my cordial greetings and best wishes to all the auxiliary police and their families who worked on the front line during the Spring Festival.Xiong Haibo said, the more holidays, the more responsibility of the public security organs, the county public security civilian auxiliary police to continue to carry forward the good style of love and dedication, continuous combat, resolutely implement the deployment requirements of the county party committee, the county government and the superior public security organs,To create a safe and peaceful social security environment for the people of the county to celebrate the Spring Festival, we will strictly and meticulously carry out key work such as social patrol and control, resolving conflicts and disputes, traffic safety management, epidemic prevention and control, and banning the burning and releasing of fireworks.All the auxiliary police were deeply moved and encouraged, expressed the determination to live up to the high expectations of the Bureau party Committee, with a high sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm wholeheartedly into the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics security and stability work, to create a safe, harmonious and stable social security environment.