A Dream of Red Mansions, a book becomes an unlearned subject

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The winter sun shone on my desk through the glass window, casting its shadow on this old yellowed book, A Dream of Red Mansions Hidden.I opened it and closed it a thousand times.Close it and open it carefully.Afraid of accidentally breaking the pages.Because the book is so old.The reason for this caution is that this is a family item, so there is a special feeling.It’s followed me. It’s covered too much ground.The relationship with me is just like an old friend. When I think about it, I want to sit opposite each other and then collect it.It is said to be the version of the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty.There’s also a Tissot watch from Switzerland that stopped working in the 1960s when I couldn’t find anyone to repair it in the town where I was born.But time, and did not stop because it stopped.Speaking of time, 蓸 snow celery’s time has long stopped, but people’s research on it, but has not stopped.Mottled sunlight on the book, casually look, is a “wisp of incense soul scattered with the wind, melancholy sangeng dream.”Often do not understand, the magic of Chinese characters, soul is soul, why is incense soul?When I read a Dream of Red Mansions when I was a teenager, I always skipped those poems and pursued the plot of the novel.Later, in the hustle and bustle of life found that life itself is a story.My love for a Dream of Red Mansions turned into my love for the version.Whenever there is a new edition, or a edition with a different cover, they will buy it.Then go chapter by chapter and see what the differences are.Just like the two versions of The Red and the Black, the translator is different, the content is really very different.A Dream of Red Mansions is really a strange book. I still do not understand why some people spend their whole life on the study of this book. This person is Mr. Zhou Zhuangchang, a reologist.Also think from this, a person’s life can do things, really not much.蓸 Xueqin spent her whole life writing a Dream of Red Mansions, while Mr. Zhou zhuangchang spent his whole life studying this book.The world of things, think, really sigh.Later, I did not care about the content of the Dream of Red Mansions, but the poems of the Dream of Red Mansions, even the recipes in the book, or the prescriptions of Traditional Chinese medicine that I did not care about in my childhood.Sometimes I think that a Dream of Red Mansions is not a novel, but an “encyclopedia” of the Qing Dynasty. It involves politics, economy, culture, secular life, religion, medicine and so on in the Qing Dynasty, but it is indeed a novel.If there is an inconceivable thing in the world, then a Dream of Red Mansions is an inconceivable thing.Then I was fascinated by the poetry of a Dream of Red Mansions. What I remember most is “Absurd words full of paper, bitter tears, all saying that the author is crazy, who can understand the taste?”Then is “the world insight all knowledge, human practice is the article”.Then there are the funeral words.Chinese characters in 蓸 Xueqin’s pen are feminine, feminine, graceful, beautiful, and water-based.Can be the same Chinese characters, but many words can not find the original taste, what is the reason?Does time filter out the meaning of Chinese characters?It’s impossible to think about, but it feels like this.A book has become a knowledge, from ancient times to the present, it seems that only 蓸 xueqin do, this is what people call “redology”.So, what is redology?To put it simply, all the studies on the connotation and extension of “a Dream of Red Mansions” can be summarized within the scope of Redology.For example, in the qing dynasty political studies of a dream of red mansions, economy in the qing dynasty, the study of a dream of red mansions, the medicine in the qing dynasty, the study of a dream of red mansions, secular in the qing dynasty, the study of a dream of red mansions, religion in the qing dynasty, the study of a dream of red mansions, dress in the qing dynasty, the study of a dream of red mansions, business research on a dream of red mansions, the contemporary film and television, the study of a dream of red mansions,On the contemporary version of the Dream of red Mansions and so on.This is not endless “red building”?A book left so much knowledge, extend so much knowledge, I’m afraid 蓸 snow qin did not expect.Winter night comes early, do not know when the sun has gone.I closed the old book.So the day passed.