“After Tomorrow” avatar benefits: New Year new atmosphere, change into a new avatar to start a day!

2022-05-12 0 By

Survivors hello, ice jiao took a bite and brought us a new painting, quickly and Mingming have a look at this period and what exquisite works!Cute avatar: “What do you think of my pose?”Two lovely girls, one hands tightly hold each other, a Q MOE scissors hand, coincidentally in the ice jiao brush show a lovely posture, “your photo pose is too not wind!”It’s so easy to play chess or something!The girl dressed in a star falls chess dream slowly tied up a horse step, saw the hand moves, is a small victory!(Clearly: chess king can take me!)The lovely satchel between the jacket collocation of black purple and white waist, the old friend that wears wonderful secret is a dish choo choo resembles mysterious and lovely kitten sending out her exclusive vigor, the bear elder brother that wears element moon cloud on the side also flees one’s hands to protect oneself enchanted girl.(Mingming: Why do they all have stars at Wink?)The lamplight hand in reflected flicker, green blue long hair like waterfall pours in the girl’s face, clever purple pupil like the Milky Way, dazzling bright beautiful beautiful light green fox messenger is sending out unique light.Beautiful wallpaper: girl looks like jiao like charm, like black desert met white snow, clear eyes like tide blue, a touch of a twist between sending out belong to her beautiful temperament.(Mingming: Black princess is so beautiful!)Under the cherry tree is the girl’s full of thoughts, do not know how many times to look back, do not know how many times to wait, hot eyes in gradually cooling, scattered petals like this gradually dissipated memory floating on the ground, warm, crazy to enjoy rotation.The birthday Party has been prepared for a long time has finally arrived, the young excited end prepared for a long time strawberry cake, looking at the girl’s surprise smile, even the atmosphere in the air are sending out sweet ~ (clearly: this city, more than a person who can not eat the cake) the above is ice jiao meng suck to bring us exquisite works!If you are also a hidden touch of tomorrow, please contribute to Mingming