Dry goods explain: teach you how to do trading board method, learn is to earn!

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The ancients said, “the gentleman is knowledgeable, and the day of the province, will know and do not”, to become a general in the stock market victory, must develop victory without pride, defeat without geniality of mind.Greedy amateurs trade too often and want to trade even when there are no good opportunities.Before they know it, a string of losses can destroy their careers.Successful speculators think differently.They have great patience to do what everyone else is afraid to do, and they will wait patiently for an opportunity that seems very slim.Every trader enters the market for profit and for profit.Is the so-called, hustle and bustle are for profit, are for profit.The stock market does not believe in tears, much less sympathize with the weak.A well-trained army has the winning combat effectiveness;A well-trained trader can save the day in a game market full of pitfalls.As a trader, you probably already know that you need to keep your emotions in check, focus on logic and remain objective, instead of succumbed to greed, hope and fear.A real trader will think deeply to make his mind more stable and psychological tolerance stronger. Only in this way can he truly observe every change in the market and make correct and independent thinking.The stock market is like a war zone, and money is your soldier.Only when the general direction is correct can we enter the battle calmly.Win first and then fight, not fight first and then win.What is winning first and then fighting?A variety of trading board tactics, dry goods!Fry the method of profit a lot of, some people like short – term do band, some people like to hold for a long time to earn dividends and share price difference, but short – term I like is to follow the main force.In a stock after the main wash dish and warehouse, sit to enjoy a main wave of market.Strong banker starts to pull to rise often is to pass the means of limit board, make share price breaks away from cost area quickly.For individual investors, this strategy is a way to profit quickly.Do limit to grasp the principle: 1, the market to be relatively stable or strong, if you do not have this premise, if the chase limit play in the market weak environment, operability is very poor, easy to chase high.2, the whole stock price should be on the low side, it is best to fully adjust the low limit, and high volume, high limit is not recommended to participate in.3, to grasp the current hot theme of the stock, especially to the policy support of the sustainable theme, so as to have the space for continuous operation.And the most key place we do trading is to try to avoid uncertain trend, only in the determination of the fight, seemingly stupid, but seriously taste this sentence, you will find great wisdom in it!Opportunities are not easy to distinguish from ordinary opportunities, good opportunities are always hidden and hidden in ordinary opportunities, only by careful observation can we see the difference between them.Trading cannot be accomplished by skill alone, only continuous learning and inner reflection, thinking and pursuing intelligence have a chance.The lesson is more important than the experience.Ideas are more important than technology;Simplicity is more important than complexity;It is more important to have fewer disadvantages than more advantages.Patience is more important than courage.