Li Yunsheng, deputy dean of adult Education institute of Heilongjiang Teacher Development Institute, was investigated

2022-05-12 0 By

Li Yunsheng, deputy director of the adult Education School of Heilongjiang Teacher Development College, is under investigation by the discipline inspection team of the provincial Education Department and the Harbin Municipal Supervision Commission for suspected serious violations of discipline and law, according to the website of heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.Yunsheng Li, male, han nationality, born in August 1974 in Lanxi, Heilongjiang Province, started to work in July 1995 and joined the COMMUNIST Party of China in June 2001. He graduated from Heilongjiang Institute of Education, majoring in pedagogy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and is a political engineer.1993.09 — 1995.07 Harbin Light Industry School Computer Application Major 1995.07 — 1999.08 Harbin Prince Battery Product Development Department secretary 1999.08 — 2001.05 Heilongjiang Education College Party Committee Office Secretary 2001.05 — 2001.10 Heilongjiang Education CollegeSecretary of youth League Committee 2001.10 — 2010.01 Deputy Director and Director of Admission Office of Academic Affairs Office of Heilongjiang Institute of Education 2010.01 — 2016.09 Head of Recruitment Department of Adult Education Branch of Heilongjiang Institute of EducationJan., 2012 — Jul., 2014 Heilongjiang Institute of Education, Pedagogy, on-the-job university2016.09 — 2019.12 Deputy Dean of Adult Education Branch, Heilongjiang Institute of Education 2019.12 — Present Deputy Dean of Adult Education Branch, Heilongjiang Institute of Teacher Development (Discipline Inspection And Supervision Group of Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in Education Department, Harbin Supervision Commission)