Spring Festival go grass-roots | Guangxi: a village of 11 ethnic people spend the Spring Festival

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“The Spring Festival is a time for reunion. We miao people get together to celebrate the New Year with the traditional forms of playing and dancing the lusheng.”Miao villager Wei Yurong said.When the Spring Festival is coming, Wei Yurong and his companions perform a lusheng dance in front of rows of miao folk houses in Shuangledun, Chenshuang Village, Sien Town, Huanjiang Maonan Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Villagers of miao ethnic group play lusheng in Shuangletun, Chenshuang village.Chen Shuangcun, where Wei Yurong lives, is a demonstration village of national ethnic unity and progress.Since 1990’s, with the help of the Party Committee and the government, the poor people from Tangule Miao township and Xiannan township and the people from the areas of the dam area have moved to Chenshuang Village one after another, and chenshuang village has become a big immigrant village of 11 ethnic groups such as Zhuang, Han, Maannan, Miao, Yao, shui, Buyi, Dong, Manchu, Mulan and Tujia.In front of miao villager Pan Meiji’s home, neighbors sit around the fire and talk about their daily lives.Pan mei served her guests fresh glutinous rice cake and brown sugar powder, and filled it with homemade glutinous rice wine.The fire was blazing and the guests were talking merrily.Children’s education, industrial development and migrant workers are the focus of the exchange.Chen Shuangcun Shuangletun Pan Is having zi ba.”We moved here from a remote mountainous area in 1995. At first, we lived in a bungalow.With the support of the government, people have been building houses in the style of miao folk houses.”Pan mei said, his own family planted 10 acres of sugar orange, sales price is good, life is full of flavor.In Longjiang village of Chenshuangcun, Tan Mengchao, a maonan villager, steamed a basket of zongzi with Maonan characteristics and prepared to send it to his wife Wei Meiying’s parents’ home.More than 10 years ago, Tan mengchao met Wei Meiying, a Miao girl, at a cultural event in the village. They hit it off and became the first maonan and Miao married couple in the village.After 10 years of marriage, they have a son and a daughter, grow more than 10 acres of sugar oranges at home, and have a small excavator. Their family income is considerable.”After years of cooperation, we have become familiar with each other. Before the year, friends from all ethnic groups in the village sent fish, citrus, glutinous rice cake and other special products to them. We also slaughtered pigs and made zongzi in return.”Tan mengchao said.Tan Mengchao, a Maonan villager in Chenshuang Village, and his Miao wife wei Meiying have a son and a daughter.Wei Binglu, secretary of the Party general Branch of Chen Shuangcun, said that from the initial language barriers, to the realization of living together, learning together, working together, sharing happiness among various ethnic groups, concerted efforts to promote the construction of rural revitalization, vigorously develop the characteristic fruit industry and rural tourism, the villagers’ day across the more prosperous.In 2021, the per capita net income of the village will reach 18,300 yuan.Living conditions have improved and cultural life has been enriched.People of all ethnic groups in Chenshuangcun spontaneously set up sports and sports teams such as lusheng, dragon boat and suona.The hall of the Village committee in Chenshuangcun is decorated with flags decorated with awards, many of them from the village’s women’s dragon boat team.”This is the gold medal of the 14th Regional Games, and the silver medal of the 11th National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games…”Tan Lihuan, a maonan sister who is the helmsman of the women’s dragon boat team, said that dragon boat racing is a team event, and the unity and cooperation among the members is very important. Behind the good results, people of all ethnic groups in Chenshuangcun learn from each other, help each other and become a family.”In dragon boat racing, we are united to win gold and silver;On the road to rural vitalization, we are vigorous and brave to take the lead.”With the Spring Festival approaching, Tan lihuan is full of confidence about his future life.(Reporter Huang Hao-ming, Nong Guan-bin)