The happiness of going home for the New Year

2022-05-13 0 By

In recent years, WE go home for The Spring Festival and have family reunion dinner every year. Now our life is better and our brothers and sisters have bought a car, so we drive to the scenic spots around us. The place we visit most every year is the beautiful Jintabeihaizi National Wetland Park in my hometown.The park is huge, as far as the eye can see, vast, vast, beautiful.The endless reeds, the endless lake, the endless mountain peaks, fully testify to its vastness, vastness, breadth and beauty.If you feel narrow, tired, come here to see the end of the day!Experience the vast feeling that you can’t even walk to the edge of your car. What things are you unable to put down and overcome? The vastness of heaven and earth can contain all your love and hatred.