The women’s soccer team arrived in Suzhou, realizing one pier for one person

2022-05-13 0 By

The bus carrying the Chinese Women’s football team arrived in Suzhou this morning, and the girls instantly felt the warmth of home and the strength of pets!, the length of snow yesterday but haven’t change to the women’s isolation hotel door surge of enthusiasm, the length for the women’s suzhou is also a lucky last April 13, the second leg of the Olympic Games qualifying play-offs, is also facing south, is also a reversal, the girls 4:3 in suzhou home back to South Korea, won the Tokyo Olympic Games women’s project a ticket in the end.You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team and the women’s football team can always trust Suzhou!The isolated hotel is no stranger to the women’s soccer team, which also stayed in isolation after last year’s Olympic qualifiers.A total of 58 rooms are prepared for the isolation hotel, which is used to arrange all the members of the women’s football team and accompanying officials. The whole area of the hotel is closed and managed. The girls of the women’s football team can move freely inside the hotel, and the isolation life will not be so boring.The hotel is specially equipped with guest rooms, catering, engineering, maintenance and other staff teams, while the external security and other docking support team, to ensure the life and training needs of the women’s football team.Walking into the hotel room area, the corridor is decorated with brilliant peach blossom, beaming red envelope trees, and the window of the room is pasted with red “Fu”, which is still permeated with the Atmosphere of the Spring Festival.The hotel also has a small gift in each room — a handwritten card, a nuclear carving of a windmill on Taihu Lake, a bookmark and pen, and a kangaroo doll with a gold medal.During the quarantine, the women’s team ate in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.The dining area will also be a recreational area for the women’s soccer team — a table tennis table, a pool table, a sound system with big screens and small stages, as well as the girls’ favorite claw machines and egg twisting machines will bring some fun and relaxation to the isolated life of the women’s soccer team.Wang Jianjun, president of taihu Soccer Center, said the women’s soccer team will stay in the quarantine hotel for 14 days, and the follow-up quarantine work will be arranged later.Source: Su Baorong media reporter