Wuhan University MBA graduates two years of self-confidence, efforts, women hold up half the sky Lin Chen accompany you to graduate school students

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Graduated from wuhan university MBA graduates second anniversary of the speech self-confidence to career women hold up half the sky for families Lin Chen accompany you one’s deceased father grind students graduated from wuhan university MBA inan almost two years, see the junior a junior in wuhan university MBA reading speech written, as a graduated from wuhan university MBA students up to two years, also want to share with their own graduation speech.First of all, I think I have earned a lot by studying for the MBA of Wuhan University. When we were preparing for the MBA of Wuhan University in 2016, the tuition for the class of 2017 was 108,000 yuan, divided into three years and paid 36,000 yuan per year.Now the tuition has basically doubled, I feel like I’ve earned a lot of tuition.In addition, THE MBA of Wuhan University has passed the AACSB certification and collected all the three international certifications. The value of the certificates in our hands has been improved. In the future, the epidemic is over, and this certification is universal, which facilitates our internationalization.Finally, when it comes to practice, our salary has really increased a lot. I became the breadwinner of our family from a nurse, which gave my husband more confidence and courage to explore.Wuhan University MBA before:We get married in the second year (2015) to buy a car, because my husband and I chose to buy marriage room, the husband’s wages to mortgage, family and children daily expenses, save up my money my annual salary to 4 (2015 w) do their own assets and economic is down until a year after her marriage, we want to buy the first car,Comparison several, finally settled a Beijing hyundai lang, for we got married, basic spent all my savings, I bring out their all to work the rest of the money collected 60000 for husband and mortgage of the car, formalities that noon, we in the 4 s shop small restaurant for lunch excited at a loss,My husband’s words are still ringing in my ears. He said, “Wife, thank you for helping me realize my car dream.”Then we extend our hand for a business handshake.I smile, these years married to give birth to a child back milk working mother, really can do for the family contribution is very limited, the only thing to do is to take out all their savings for her husband to buy a car.The car has become our family happiness factor, which was really what I never heard of BMW Porsche, I always feel the car is the best in our house, the old public his work run site also solve a lot of problems, but one day the husband came home told me that he was on a business trip to Beijing a leadership, reception at the site of the car broke down,The car that borrows husband temporarily can send a leader to go to airport only.Beijing leadership is almost cover nose into the husband’s car, on the car after all wipe the seat, said he had never done so broken car yunyun, all kinds of contempt criticism.It’s not easy to think about her husband’s life in the workplace. Unfortunately, I can’t help him. It would be good if I had some ability in the workplace.I looked for ways to increase my personal value, thinking that if I made more money, I could make my family better.I went to work while applying for a high school English teacher qualification certificate, while taking some English courses outside to earn some extra money, and doing various attempts, thinking that as long as I have some ability, my husband will not be so miserable in the workplace.It was also in May 2016 that I heard that MBA could improve my educational background, and I wanted to try it. My husband directly said that he was very supportive and that he would use his salary for my study, so that I would not have the pressure of tuition. Although the tuition was 108,000 yuan /3 years at that time, there was still pressure for the family to spend 40,000 yuan every year so suddenly.But I think if I get a good degree, it will be very helpful for my teaching. Just do it, and I will find Lin Chen to accompany you to take the postgraduate entrance examination under the recommendation of my friends.Study process: I was admitted to WUHAN University MBA in 2017, and I passed the interview in advance + written test with more than 200 scores.After admitted to wuhan university MBA, I promoted with my leadership, she thinks I can sideband children work also while one’s deceased father grind said at least my willpower and intelligence is very good, the future can be, give me a lot of help, all of the first year of wuhan university MBA is a major, course is busy, work is very much also, I’m not in the mood to make any friends,I just wanted to improve my ability and worked hard to go out for classes. In the first year, I got 10W salary, and I was very happy. I also received a tax receipt unexpectedly (the first income was eligible to pay tax, and I was so excited that I treasured the tax receipt).In the second year of MBA of Wuhan University, I completed the credits in one go, found a suitable tutor, and determined the thesis title and outline with the tutor.As a result of working overtime day and night in take-away classes, his salary in the second year also increased a lot, her husband was also headhunter to dig, salary also increased a lot.In the third year, I started to do sales management. Because I had systematically studied marketing management when I studied MBA in Wuhan University, I was very interested in positioning marketing. Besides, I had a solid foundation in the industry, so I got familiar with sales very quickly.3 years of savings, we rule during the 2020 outbreak of a down payment on a set of ultra small area elementary school district room, once again, all the family economic basic empty, but got the house property card, my husband and I are still business handshake, gratitude each other’s pay, from wuhan 3 ring outside the city center, give the child a new starting point.After graduating from WUHAN University MBA: now after 2 years, I also graduated from Wuhan University MBA for 2 years, we have some savings, my husband proposed several times want to change a car.Don’t ink, I think director in earlier you want to change, we in the audi 4 s shop, six years ago to buy a car for the first time two people happy, and the eye still thank you shake hands with each other, 6 years, and the husband day and night in their respective jobs struggle of figure, the husband is the change a good car, the husband sat test drive the car, I feel quiet,Also do not know this hundreds of thousands of cars and tens of thousands of cars in the end what is the difference?But I think as long as the husband likes it, the meaning of people struggle is not to let their loved ones live better?Get off I asked the price landing 330,000 (Audi A4), before the old car opened for 6 years, because never reported insurance, maintenance is good, but also the old car for a new car and then worth more than 50,000.From my experience, I think there is no big difference between cars at the same price. If you like it, you can decide on the spot without ink. I suggest you buy it on the spot without comparing prices.But it always act decisively at this moment the husband hesitated, he said that the more than 20 is your class waiting waiting for, can’t do this, although I like car, drive of the moment, however, he also feel 120000 modern lang open and 330000 audi A4 also does not have what distinction, in the end, he decided not to buy a car.But I told my husband that I will always reserve more than 200,000 yuan for you to buy a car. If you need it, I will give it to you immediately. You can buy your own car.From audi 4 s shop, although didn’t buy a car, but I wish to thank the years did not stop her own ascension as well as with children, children eat milk to elementary school, I finished the test of wuhan university MBA graduated from wuhan university MBA, I completed the rapid development of personal career development, when the husband need I can give him a better help.I think girls are no different from men except for having children and having an aunt for a few days a month. We need to work harder to support half of the family.In the end, all these came from my attempts to prepare for the high school English teacher qualification certificate and the MBA of Wuhan University, which changed my life track.I am Lin Chen, the tutor of MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC, who will accompany you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I will accompany 1,000 students every year for MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC of ideal universities in 2022.Let’s keep going.