Basket or basket water!Simons suddenly submits a truce request: Owen fuse

2022-05-14 0 By

The NBA trade deadline is over, the nets official was sent to the 76 ers harden with boon than Germany, a step toward a championship trophy for simmons, hasn’t played a game of the season, his arrival will change the nets play, can merge with durant and Owen, this will be the new big three nets fit most anticipated.In fact, for the deal both in the nets and 76 is the biggest winner, the first 76 people to get rid of the simmons has welcomed the harden, winning goal more clear, the nets are not only in the deal got simmons, also obtained the drummond, small garage and two first-round sign, on the offensive end, the strength of the nets may have certain retreat,But the nets have been vastly improved on both ends of the floor and defensively, so even with Harden gone, the Durant Health Nets are still a serious contender for a championship this season as long as the Irving problem is resolved.It is worth mentioning that curry and Draymond played a great role in the nets’ recent victory over the Kings. However, it is a pity that Simmons was absent, so everyone pays close attention to when Simmons will play.Beijing time on February 16, according to the names are written in the NBA Shams latest news reports, because the simmons didn’t play the game for a long time, so he’s agent, Ritchie Paul suddenly presented a truce to the nets management application, the reason is that they have psychological disorders, so need a period of rest to recover, the rest period in about ten days or so,It will depend on whether you can play or not, so whether it’s 10 days or longer is a bit of an issue for fans, because after the All-Star break, teams will be trying to make the playoffs.Considering Simmons has been out of the game for a long time and is coming to the Nets as a rookie, it becomes even more difficult for the struggling Nets to maintain, if not maintain, their consistency.It is worth mentioning that greatest hazard to the nets Michael Owen is probably the team off the X factor, because Michael Owen itself will not solve the problem, harden leave much and Owen’s own reason, consider example, simmons is likely will follow in the near future harden away from the nets, as a result, the nets will probably draw water with a sieve,So the kyrie issue is fine, and if it can’t be resolved, the best thing to do is to let kyrie go, or everyone else will be buried with kyrie, and more importantly, the Nets’ front office is doing things that people don’t understand.Is Owen supposed to be free to do whatever he wants?Or will Nash continue to be a factor in the team’s losses?There is no doubt that Irving has become the fuse, no wonder Harden to leave, it seems that who do not want to stay in the Nets, now traded To Simmons and began to rest for physical reasons, when good to play, this and Irving have what different?Other people’s bosses are trying to rob people to win, but CAI boss lest the world not chaos, no doubt, if the above problems can not be solved, the Nets this season or can not win, do not know what readers think?Feel free to comment in the comments section!