Idle Talk (11) : You can figure it out with your toes

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In the park, there was a familiar old jiangxi cousin chatting with everyone, some feeling said: “Oh, these days I am bored to death.Some time ago, a small clinic of Traditional Chinese medicine opened near the house I rented.He wanted to rent a house and asked me for help. He happened to see an advertisement for a house for rent, so he helped him broker a deal. The house was settled for him.Next to an Anhui fellow curiously asked: “What’s the trouble?What do you care if he does what he does?”The old cousin shook his head, with a sad smile on his face, and said, “Although we are fellow townmen, we are strangers at first.I just met him by chance.He said he was a famous Chinese medicine university professor, director, is a family of Traditional Chinese medicine, ancestral secret recipe, special treatment of injuries.Now I’m retired. I want to start a clinic, get something to do.At the opening, he invited me to drink a few glasses, maybe too much, but also took out a few hard certificates and what to show me, and let me see a lot of Chinese herbal medicine, said that it was a panacea, almost hype, boast of miraculous.At first, I believed it.He asked me to help him spread the word, reach out to people in his hometown with pain.After all, I have been here for more than 20 years, a lot of fellow townsfolk know, also helped him contact a few people, is preferential care for fellow townsfolk.But now, more and more, there seems to be something wrong.Because, several fellow townsman come to treat a course or two, spend several thousand dollars respectively, all say still the same old appearance.Although it didn’t hurt at the time, it seemed to get worse a few days later.Fellow townsman all ask me, his medical treatment technique after all how?I really don’t know what to say.Would it be a charlatan selling dog meat, a kind of dog skin plaster?Can he pour good, every day have nothing to do, hold a mobile phone, 1 vigorously hu Kan disorderly spray, like the clouds in the fog in the nonsense.Make to have a fellow countryman ask me whether take benefit from it, I but have mouth to say not clear, you say vexed not vexed?”Anhui fellow hesitated to say: “This is really hard to say.Because, you don’t know him very well, it’s really inappropriate to say anything.I know about the clinic you’re talking about.Isn’t that the one next to the vegetable market?It’s a big sign.The wife that I have a colleague has cervical vertebra pain, also go over there massage, massage, pull pot, inject needle, take medicine, bubble medicated wine to drink, spent thousands of pieces, fart uses have no.What certificate?The pennant?You can make all that stuff. It’s all bullshit. How many of them are true?It’s a piece of cake to stage a video, huh?However, there are many real old traditional Chinese doctors in big hospitals, who are capable of treating serious diseases unilaterally since ancient times.You can’t trust those buskers.”