Signs of tire trouble

2022-05-14 0 By

Tire abnormal signs of the tread bulge, tire pressure anomalies, edge breakage, tread pattern becomes shallow, and so on, tyre bulge fracture cause is the cord, this problem can’t repair, if continue to use a lot of potential safety problems, so if the tyres appear bulge, even a slight bulge, as long as the eye can be observed, tires must be replaced in a timely manner.If a tire pressure monitoring indicator, while driving may be tires were foreign body piercing, need professional personnel check the maintenance in time, if the bead deformation or damage, even affect the vehicle’s safety, so when some tiny cracks, basic means that the possibility of a flat tire, the crack in the late of the tire can’t repair, must be timely replacement.Tread the main effect is to increase the tire and road surface friction, prevent slippage in the process of driving, if use normal tires, but tread depth is less than 1.6 ㎜, recommended in a timely manner to the pit, a professional inspection, if necessary, please replace the tires, appeared in the process of driving wandering path there are many reasons,Probably because of the difference in tire pressure on both sides.There may also be different tread patterns on both sides of the tire depth, or other parts of the problem, so if you can’t determine the specific reason, it is recommended to go to the service station in time, ask professionals to detect and solve, vehicle vibration in the process of driving is different under different road conditions, some jitter of the vehicle is normal.But if the vibration is caused by the axial deviation of the tire or unbalanced stress, it needs to be checked and maintained in the repair shop.