Tiktok teen mode online “natural” popular science function to help teenagers learn systematic knowledge

2022-05-14 0 By

Recently, Tiktok teen Mode launched voice search, “nature” science popularization, encyclopedia and other functions to help teenagers learn knowledge more actively and systematically.This is another innovative attempt of Douyin’s youth model, following the launch of “Discover” channel, age-appropriate recommendation and safe search.It is understood that voice search can meet the needs of children to actively explore learning knowledge, and the search results are safe content within the Tiktok teen mode.In Tiktok Teen mode, users can click the search entry in the upper right corner to search by text or tap the microphone to directly say what they want to search for.The voice is presented in text and prompts to “guess what you want to say.”Considering the convenience of young users, this function adds emotional design in the process of radio, such as “say it again” after the radio fails, so that children can better understand.When watching popular science videos, teenagers often lead one question to another, such as unfamiliar terms, plants and animals in the videos.To this end, Tiktok teen mode introduces toutiao Encyclopedia and “Nature” popular science functions. Users can click the entrance at the bottom of the relevant video page to jump to the “Encyclopedia” or “Nature” page associated with the video.For example, under a video explaining “how to bathe a horse”, the entrance of “Nature · Understanding horses” is displayed. After clicking, you can see popular science introduction and more extended videos about horses, helping teenagers systematically learn knowledge about a certain animal and plant theme.It is understood that Tiktok launched its teen mode as early as July 2018.This mode only appears the content selected by the platform and suitable for teenagers. It cannot watch live broadcast or top up and reward, and there are restrictions on the time and period of use.In May last year, Tiktok announced that it was upgrading its protection measures for minors. Real-name users under the age of 14 would enter the teen mode directly after being notified and would not be able to opt out.Since the launch of The tiktok youth model, tiktok has always been innovative, and has successively launched functions such as subscription, channel discovery and age-appropriate recommendation.In the Discover channel, the system matches age-appropriate content for users of different ages and presents content of interest to teenagers in a structured manner.In the subscription function, teenage users can subscribe to an account they find interesting and see the latest content of the account in the “Subscribe” channel.Jiang Qiaolei, associate professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, said, “Douyin’s youth model has been constantly updated and introduced new functions in the specific use of teenagers, which reflects the platform’s continuous care and in-depth understanding of the needs of teenagers.””We hope to create a teenage model that children love to use,” said an official from Douyin. “On the basis of safe use, we are constantly exploring new features suitable for teenagers to improve their experience.”Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Hu Rui editor Liu Juanyang Tao editor Wang Luyao