The nominations for the 40th Academy Awards have been announced, with 85-year-old Xie Xian nominated for best Actor and Andy Lau unexpectedly missing out

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On February 16, the nominees for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards were announced, with awards chairman Derek Yee and famous actor Gary Cheung announcing the nominees for the major categories.Due to the epidemic, many film crews were unable to work normally, leading to few decent Hong Kong films being released to the audience in the past two years. As a result, last year’s Award ceremony was postponed for a year.A one-year extension might have been expected to have a sufficient number of films to choose from, but it didn’t. The overall list of nominees looked like a patchwork, with many of the best familiar films missing out and some of the less popular and less well-received favorites.Let’s take a look at the list of nominees and see if they’re controversial.1, the best actor nomination Gordon lam “hand-rolling tobacco” Patrick tse “fight a dusk” Gordon lam “wisdom teeth” Liang Zhongheng “mother’s fabolous cheng yixun” water drift “Gordon lam with two works, his acting is, indeed, no doubt, cheng yixun and Liang Zhongheng performance in the film also does not have any problems, but these nominees is a bit too upset.It may seem surprising that The 85-year-old hsieh was nominated for best Actor, but he deserves a Best Actor trophy for his contribution to Hong Kong’s showbiz.The biggest shame is that Andy Lau didn’t get a nomination. If last year’s Awards had gone ahead, Andy Lau’s the Hurt Locker 2 would have been the favorite, and his performance in the film was impeccable.There is another film that also gained good word of mouth and box office last year, which was a big hit at many film festivals. It is a pity that the two stars, Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse, did not receive the best Actor nomination.Those who have seen the film should know that Tse’s role as qiu Gangao deserves the Best Actor Award. When the film was first released, there were many speculations that Tse would be nominated for the Best Actor Award for this role.2, the best actress nomination chrissie motor, liana, 4 thed “Anita mui”, Mr Liu “wisdom teeth” kongs “mother fabolous” “win” gong li and gong li kongs had already took the best actress, they two people will be the prize of the most powerful competitors, but the strength of the other three actors also is very strong,In particular, Anita Mui, played by Wang Danni, has won unanimous recognition from the audience and insiders.3, Best Director nominee Nian-chung Moon for “Make the Movie” Mok Seng Chan for “Fire and Fury” Leung Lok Man for “Anita Mui” Chung Po-soi for “Wisdom Teeth” Peter Chan:There is no problem with the nomination of best director for “Win”. Several directors are very strong. Although Director Chan Has left us, his name appears in the nomination list, which shows that people have not forgotten his contribution to Hong Kong film.I have to say, this arrangement is very careful, if The director chan finally wins, it will be a big point of interest during the Awards ceremony.4, best film nominated the anger, homicide, “Anita mui” “wisdom teeth” “mother boy wonder” of “water drift” directed by Herman yau techs 2 no nomination is pretty incredible, both actors, story, special effects, or word of mouth and box office, this movie is much better than the five films nominated.If you had to come up with a reason not to be nominated, it’s probably because “The Hurt Locker 2” and “Angry Man” share similar themes.The Hurt Locker 2, after all, was released the year before.5, best supporting actor nomination Louis koo “Anita mui” kwan “fight a dusk Feng Haoyang” mother’s fabolous KeHuiLin “water drift” agent Smith “water drift” compete for the best actor in a supporting role is also more intense, both movie king level actor Louis koo and agent Smith, there is also a senior supporting kwan, whoever can award, are worthy of.6, best supporting actress nomination paw hee-ching “criminals” Liao Zi fung “Anita mui Zhong Xueying the fight a dusk Liao Zi fung” wisdom teeth “white” title “loletta lee, the daughter of” water drift “lang ping, white last year with” title “to the Hong Kong film director will be the best new actor award, the award is called” outpost prize awards, winning the coincidence rate is very high,Will Bai Lang, who has not been nominated for a new acting award, win best Supporting Actress?There are also awards for writing, new actors, emerging director, Cinematography, original Film Song, and more. Here are the nominees in other categories:Above is the full list of nominees for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, which will be held on April 17.